NXTLVL Experience Design

Ep.2 Coming To Our Senses with Ari Peralta-CEO, Arigami

Episode Summary

David Kepron talks with Ari Peralta (CEO, Arigami) an award-winning research entrepreneur working alongside a global network of scientists, immersive technologists and artists developing wellness lead sensory initiatives across a wide range of industries. In this podcast, David and Ari talk about sensory-based experiences, neuroscience and its role in crafting relevant guest engagements and the latest inter-disciplinary research that is laying the foundation for results-driven innovation using various sensory technologies.

Episode Notes

INFO on Ari Peralta:

  1. Intelligence – case studies, design, tech, science
  2. Agency – design and architecture firms, IOT connections, evidence-based design
  3. Ventures – research teams prototyping

INFO on David Kepron:

Website: https://www.davidkepron.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-kepron-9a1582b/

Instagram: davidkepron and NXTLVL_experience_design

Twitter: @davidkepron