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Ep.9 No Means Not Yet with Stacy Garcia, Founder & CINO, Stacy Garcia, Inc & CEO, LebaTex, Inc.

Episode Summary

Stacy Garcia doesn't hear the word 'no.' The letters 'n' 'o' don't compute in her mind as the end of the road. She hears 'not yet,' "maybe later,' or 'the timing isn't right.' Stacy and host David Kepron talk about "jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down" - a famous Ray Bradbury quote - building businesses to thrive, and the design of textiles, furniture and home goods that are used by interior designers to express a story.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuGSwfSFoMoc4iM6WWnu7A

Website: https://stacygarcia.com 

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacygarcia/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/stacygarciainc

Instgram: https://www.instagram.com/stacygarciainc/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stacygarciainc/ 





I'm an architect and of course I am always tuned into my physical environment. My home however has somehow never been the focus of my creative output at least until recently. Being more involved in the hospitality space, I've turned my bedroom into a nest that I would be delighted to spend any night number of nights in if it were a hotel and I’ve begun to focus more on the use of color and textures and furniture as a way to express myself.

I’m moving beyond my mid century modern black Mies Van der Rohe Barcelona chairs, le Corbusier chaise and Noguchi tables to considering textures and that are drawn from different cultures and geographies.

My guest today finds the world of travel  a never-ending experience of inspiration from which she draws colors, patterns, and textures and turns them into textiles, furniture and home Décor. She describes her aesthetic as “global eclectic with a refinement to it.”

She is “…an authoritative, informational and entertaining speaker. She does her research, backing up her contentions with facts and figures. But she also knows how to connect the dots to give her audience the big picture. She’s organized, thorough and responsive—a pleasure to work with throughout the process.”Mary Scoviak, Executive Editor Boutique Design

Stacy Garcia is a successful creative entrepreneur and founder of multiple business enterprises: LebaTex, Inc., a distinctive textile supplier and Stacy Garcia, Inc., a licensing firm and design house.

Stacy is an internationally renowned designer and forecasting expert has partnered with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to create products that span from floor to ceiling for resorts and homes all over the world.

She was voted one of the 10 leading voices in the hospitality industry and honored by the American Society of Interior Designers - ASID for Design Excellence and she is the Chairperson for the Color Marketing Group.


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